DHL NL – simply failing

Their official logo refers to: “Excellence. Simply Delivered.”


Right, delivered my ass 😉 So, here’s the long story short:

August 9th I order online something from a shop. Everything ok, they let me know my order will be delivered by DHL NL. Here starts the “fun”:

  • email notice from DHL, track&trace code, everything seems ok, except i get error for the code
  • august 11th i get an email notice that i’ve missed the delivery, yet there is no notice at my door, neither by neighbors or so. Package will be delivered next day
  • august 12th, i find a notice with another code giving error on the website
  • evening of august 12th i write a note to them to explain there was no code and it’s always possible to leave the package to a neighbor, otherwise just to let me know where i can pick it up myself
  • august 13th: package goes back to the shop. 001

Delivery by DHL NL would be just 2 extra euros – that’s not the point -but all my time lost and finally the delay in getting what i’ve paid for.

Great work, DHL NL! Dank u wel, morons!

So, friendly advice, DO NOT use #DHL as you’re in the Netherlands 😉