over and over again

Living here ain’t easy. Sometimes is not even comfortable. But it’s normal life, actually. And hope. The hope my kid will grow up in a normal world, no matter what i have to bear to accomplish that.

Read this: http://goo.gl/SbvAf5

The truth is actually:

Suppose I am a thief, a proven criminal sentenced to jail for a prejudice of tens of millions of euros. I stole money from securitatea and I became a prosperous businessman, a prominent professor and writer.

Of this money, I founded two companies and bought a building on one of the companies. Building that I have rented to the other company i hold. Then I am caught as a thief and the police attempts to confiscate my building. Except I do scandal, because my other firm, made of the same money stolen, claims to have the right to occupy that building, because there is a lease between me and me. They even want to buy the building, just because the lease. With me.

And a huge bunch of fools support me, because they think that’s justice, only because I have a valid lease. Between me and me.

Original story (Romanian only) by cetin.ro

Going back there would be like reading over and over a bad book when i already know how it ends. Of course it ends bad. Why should my kid read the same shitty book?!